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      My Private life



      Traveling is not only a requirement for my business; fortunately, it is also my passion. I enjoy exploring the world, seeking out different cultures, where I can indulge in my enthusiasm for photography and outdoor living. Whenever possible, I organize trips, alone or with friends, to areas known and unknown.

      I have covered the continents, but still areas remain unexplored on my personal map. Most recently I was in Western and Central Australia where I took off in a four-wheel drive car to get closer to nature and avoid the main roads.

      Sports are also an integral part of my private life, whether itís bicycling, swimming or running. Water sports, especially sailing and scuba diving, are my favorites, as both can be combined with my passion for traveling. Equally at home on a monohull or catamaran, I have made oceanic crossings, from Marmaris, Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia in the Caribbean Sea, a journey of 5500 nautical miles. Other voyages have taken me from La Rochelle, France down to the Canary Islands. And Iíve touched most of the Windward Islands.

      I hold licenses to operate any boat or yacht and am certified as a radio operator, rescue diver, and mixed gas nitrox diver. I often give lectures on underwater photography.


      Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean crossing in 1997.


      When not on the water, I enjoy cruising in one of my classical cars, like my fiat 124 Spider which I completely restored myself. My interest in music is as varied as my professional life, ranging from rock to some classic music. Often I gather my friends around and take pleasure in creating a special meal for them from recipes Iíve accumulated during my travels around the world.



































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