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      Founder and principal owner of Design Dieter Wanke in 1987. On-going projects include product and transportation design for international clients and premium brands. Received design awards, such as Red Dot and Red Dot Best of the Best.

      Two decades experience in project development and management with direct client contacts in Europe, Asia, and North America. Extensive work with Asian OEM manufacturers for premium brands in Japan, Taiwan/China and South Korea. Partners with kidp (Korean Institute of Industrial Design Promotion) since 1995 in several International Cooperation Projects. Decade-long development partner with TDC (Taiwan Design Center) and TDCD (Taipei Design Center Düsseldorf) on a significant number of cooperative design projects with Taiwanese corporations.

      Receiving several Certificates of Appreciation for International Cooperation Projects from kidp.

      Expert in all classical and modern techniques and computer software used in the industrial design development process, from manual rendering techniques to computer rendering and 3-D computer modeling. To view skills and techniques, please have a look at the Techniques page.

      Highly proficient in design-oriented computer software, such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Auto Cad or Vellum for two-dimensional processes, and Rhinoceros, Flamingo and Bongo for three-dimensional surface development, rendering and animation.

      Skilled in all model-making techniques to produce mock-up´s, soft foam and clay models; and manually made or stereo lithography-based hard models in photo realistic quality.

      For additional information, please visit the Samples page or the homepage of DESIGN DIETER WANKE

      Partial project list:

        Adam Opel AG, Germany
        Airbus Industrie, France
        Air Europe, England
        Apexon, Taiwan
        Aqualytic GmbH, Germany
        Audi AG, Germany
        Austria Alu-Guss GmbH, Austria
        Borbet, Germany
        Carrera Century Toys GmbH, Germany
        Colovos, USA / Taiwan
        Craftsman, USA
        Daimler Benz AG, Germany
        Fawo GmbH, Germany
        FAP, Italy
        Galde AG, Switzerland
        Han Sung Co. Ltd., Korea
        Head Sport AG, Austria
        Hettich, Germany
        Holophane, France
        Honda, Japan
        Eastman Kodak Co., USA
        Linotype Hell AG, Germany
        Lovibond, Germany
        Lufthansa AirPlus, Germany
        MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, Germany
        MBB, Germany
        Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, Germany
        Omega Ltd, Switzerland
        RBB GmbH, Germany
        Saint Gobin, France
        Subaru, Japan
        Samsung, Korea
        Testec GmbH, Germany
        UNICEF, Switzerland
        WIK Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany


    Industrial Experience 1985 to 1987

      Employed in the Advanced Design Department of Airbus Deutschland GmbH, formerly MBB Transport und Verkehrsflugzeuge GMBH. Projects included interior cabin design for Airbus A 320, MPC 75, and exterior and interior design for Eurocopter EC 135, custom cabin design for A300 and A310 commercial aircrafts for several airlines and private VIP clients. Did conceptual designs for external clients, such as truck interior concepts of Daimler Benz AG.

    Industrial Training 1980 to 1985

      Several internships as junior designer and trainee in the Advanced Studio of both Opel AG and Audi AG during the development of the Opel Junior concept car and the Audi C4. Winner of the Audi AG scholarship to study Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. Studied professional model making (architectural and design) and worked as a model maker parallel to his design studies from 1980 to 1982 at Sgoff und Bermayer. Industrial internship for model making, upholstery, sewing techniques, casting, welding, mold making and metal forming techniques at Opel AG, Germany.


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